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Get a full package of every thing you need

  • New Cat Pack

    Health Check Up and Services Package
    سارٍ حتى شهر واحد
    • Skin Examination for Ecto-parasite and Fungus.
    • General Health Check Up.
    • Blood Test for Disease Diagnosis.
    • Vaccination and Deworming Review.
    • Dental Health Check Up.
    • Surprise Gift
  • Pregnancy's care

    Pregnancy follow up with extra services
    سارٍ حتى 3 أشهر
    • 3 Pregnancy Consultations
    • Ultra Sound
    • Blood Test
    • 3 Grooming Sessions
    • Educational Book
    • New Bed for the New Comer
  • New Dog Pack

    Health Check Up for Your New Dog.
    سارٍ حتى شهر واحد
    • General Health Check Up
    • Blood Test
    • Skin Examination For Ecto-parasites.
    • Simple Grooming
    • Dental Health Check Up.
    • Vaccination and Deworming Review
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